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Update on the travel bug!

I posted here the other day about losing a dog tag to my travel bug and wondering what my options were. I finally decided to go to PetCo or Walmart and get one of those personalized, engraved pet tags with the bug numbers on it.

It also has a purpose, now. It's a cancer awareness bug! As the bug page explains:

"As you place this tag from cache to cache, take a moment of silence for those that have lost their battle with cancer; or say a prayer for those going through it, and those in remission.

I wanted to release this bug to coincide with what would have been my mother's 50th birthday on May 22nd, 2008. While contemplating ideas for the bug, it came to me. Both (my SO) and I lost our mothers to cancer way before we were ready to let them go. At 54 and 43 respectively when they passed, this intimidating disease has left imprints on the hearts of not only (my SO) and myself, but anyone with loved ones, friends or family that have experienced dealing with cancer. I thought this would be a way to help the memories -and the hope for better and better cures!- live on in our hearts forever. Positive energy brings about positive results!"
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