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Anyone here an avid photographer as well? I got a camera/laptop bag for my birthday and I'm wondering about usability while geocaching. I can fit other things into this backpack, but I'm concerned that it's going to be a huge hassle when it comes to digging into it to change lenses or whatever. I'd rather just leave it at home and get something else, if that's the case.


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I'm a photography fan, and just got a new lens and a camera/laptop backpack. It seemed nice online but once we got it, it seemed too big. We tested it out this weekend doing some geocaches around our area. Halfway through the day, I ended up putting the lenses in my coat pocket instead of the backpack, it was a hassle to change them otherwise. I think it's great for traveling, like taking it on an airplane so you have all your equipment and laptop in one place but we are looking for a smaller backpack style camera bag. Could be I won't like changing in and out of that one either, but I think it being smaller will be more manageable.