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Opinions? (cross-posted)

I have a geocache that's in a state forest. The spot itself has several run down buildings and ruins, but the DEP has labeled them "do not trespass under penalty of law" and "not open to the public" and are they boarded up. People choose to ignore these signs and break down the boards anyway. There's even a big stone tower that's gone from a normal locked door to heavy iron bars because people keep breaking the door down and getting inside.

Now, I can't stop what people do. If they want to blatantly ignore the signs and break down the boards to get inside the buildings even though there are warnings of legal prosecution, they can do what they want. However, people have been including pictures and statements that they've done this, when logging their find on the cache listing.

Today, I included another warning on the page (there was one in the main listing, but I included it as part of an owner maintenance log) that I will be deleting any such evidence of being inside restricted areas, because I do not wish any responsibility on MY listing for folks that are breaking the law, or encouraging others to break the law.

Someone sent me a message and basically yelled at me, saying this is rude because it screws with people's finds.

Rude or not, it's my listing and I don't want folks to get the impression that doing things that are expressly forbidden by the DEP are encouraged by myself and my SO, who over-see the listing. There's nothing that prevents them from logging it again without the questionable bits.

Is there a happy medium?
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